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If you are looking for efficient, fast and punctual delivery in Switzerland, then you are in the right place. For delivering your goods, such as confidential parcels, letters and documents, as well as pets, fresh or frozen food, or even valuable shipments like a piece of art.

Before contacting us, please make sure that your shipment corresponds to our rules that authorizes our drivers to receive and transport.
For further information concerning the above, you are welcome to visit our Terms & Conditions section and get acquainted with "what do we transport?" which also specifies the list of goods that do not match our transportation list.

AlpDelivery.ch is a local agency that specializes in transport in Switzerland and its neighbouring regions. Our professional drivers operate a delivery in Geneva, delivery in Zurich or delivery in Bern. We offer the customer a guaranteed safe transport service for the shipment, even for urgent delivery, on the same day, is our privilege. Also, we arrange an overnight express transportation service, which takes place in the midnight to deliver the shipment in the morning of the next day.

Our services are guaranteed at affordable prices, defying all competitors. Highly-qualified transportation service is one of our strengths. Deliveries are made by modern vehicles to protect the environment and your goods, as mostly they are electric or hybrid. Our branches are located in the main cities of Switzerland: Geneva, Bern and Zurich. Our drivers also arrange deliveries near Geneva, deliveries near Bern and deliveries near Zurich.

Please have a look at the paragraphs mentioned below to get acquainted with the conditions and the various transport services that we offer. Do you have further questions? Don’t hesitate to call us today! Your delivery does not wait!

Express Delivery

An urgent delivery, a delivery to be made on the same day in Switzerland? Don’t worry, and our driver will pick the delivery item up from your home and transport it as quickly as possible in 4 hours in a modern taxi vehicle. He will also make sure that the recipient has received it in hand.
Whether a delivery in Bern, a delivery in Zurich or a delivery in Geneva, all you have to do is to Contact Us while specifying your request and making sure to send us all the needed information to provide the delivery in due form. We do not hold responsibility for any wrongly provided information from your side.

This type of delivery can be made anywhere in Switzerland, Bern, Zurich, or Geneva and near each of these cities. You can also request delivery near you as we take care of everything quickly!

Home Delivery

Your shipment will be delivered to you in 4h, 12h, 24h or 48hours. AlpDelivery.ch takes care of your parcels as it is in safe hands. Home delivery in Switzerland is indeed one of our services’ advantages but not the only.

Accuracy, high-quality, year-round availability, skilful drivers, which facilitates our operated deliveries! Choose AlpDelivery.ch to make your delivery quicker right at the desired time and destination: between Bern, Zurich, Basel and Geneva, our team is always ready to serve you.

Personalized customer support is what we always seek to achieve. Furthermore, you are welcome to visit our Terms & Conditions and get acquainted with "what do we transport?" section in order to make sure that you are at the exact delivery place. Pack your package, and your delivery driver will gladly take it to its final destination.

Delivery in Geneva, delivery in Bern, delivery in Zurich. Delivery near Geneva, delivery near Bern or delivery near Zurich, you are welcome to choose. Do you want to send important documents to or from your home? Medical kit? Fresh or frozen goods? Home delivery service operated by AlpDelivery.ch meets all your requests to be delivered just on time. Punctuality is one of our strengths! From urgent delivery in 4 hours to standard delivery within 48 hours, all along with the express delivery in 12 hours and the premium delivery in 24 hours, our team members are willing to satisfy you. Contact Us today!

Office Delivery

An urgent and secure document to be delivered? Does a colleague want to send you confidential files which should be delivered to your office as quickly as possible but you do not know how to do it or who to contact? AlpDelivery.ch is here to meet and fulfil your request. In one simple click, your delivery order will be placed at the office!

Whether you are in Bern, Zurich or Geneva or close to these cities, AlpDelivery.ch ensures deliveries to the offices throughout Switzerland. All you need is to Contact Us during our operating hours to make your delivery comes true.

We can deliver your shipment at any time, whatever is your request, as long as it matches the included list of cargoes that the company agrees to transport. For further information related this, please visit "What are the permitted Cargoes that we transfer" portion.

Urgent delivery in 4 hours, express delivery in 12 hours, premium delivery in 24 hours or standard delivery within 48 hours. You have nothing to worry about. Paying attention to the clients’ requests and taking care of them, it is the main duty of our employees. With AlpDelivery.ch, your office deliveries will be so swift!

Overnight Delivery

A package to be delivered in the early morning? Do you just realize that should be delivered on the same day, but the post office is already closed? No trouble, AlpDelivery.ch offers you the solution!

A friendly staff of drivers are ready to travel during the night so that your package will be delivered on time the next morning, no matter if it is, massive, slight, priority, confidential, or among other valuable parcels for you.

Delivery in Geneva, delivery in Bern, delivery in Zurich, or delivery near these cities, our drivers will make sure to respect your wishes! With just the precise address of the destination, we take care of transporting your goods on time using modern and eco-friendly vehicles, while assigning the fastest available option which also has the appropriate size to accommodate the delivery shipment.

Send us your request while specifying the delivery’s conditions that you prefer: urgent delivery or express delivery. Also, in-person delivery is possible to be shipped right to the hand based on your request. In this case, please advise us in advance to contact the recipient quickly.

City & Intercity Delivery

Connected and coordinated delivery is our job! AlpDelivery.ch included another type of service to its list: the possibility of delivering your shipment in the same city - delivery in Geneva, delivery in Bern, delivery in Zurich: or between these cities. To unification the relationship with our customers, we are ready to connect various clients’ deliveries during a single trip, to reduce the delivery’s distances, and in the end, everyone gains.

The environment, the client, the recipient and us!
Nothing is simpler to facilitate the transfer of goods that matches our listing. For further information related this, please visit "What are the permitted Cargoes that we transfer" portion. By connecting several requests, we simplify your order and our job. This process represents inserting your order in one of the most suitable and matching delivery channels.

If you want to receive your shipment on the same day, we will transmit your wish to one of our delivery drivers who will take care of transporting and delivering your cargo to its destination.

Our hybrid and electric vehicles are suitable for road transport in the cities and for reducing the distances between the nearby towns. Intercity is a real asset that we value, and we are proud to offer it for you! Choose this option if you are looking for efficient, eco-friendly and urgent delivery. Therefore, our team will be at your disposal!

Personalized Delivery

Personalized and individual delivery according to each of our customers’ request, which is a sign of trust and respect towards our clients. Human relations is a priority and above all businesses.

Our team members are sociable and friendly, whether drivers or employees. Trust your chose and feel free to contact us to feel the communications vibe and customer support during the first contact. Therefore, we created a personalized and diversified service to meet your wishes. However, for some reason, if you were not satisfied, do not hesitate to let us know while specifying your point in the letter so that we can respond on a best possible way that meets your wishes. Personalized delivery is a gift to the customer and a guarantee of our flexibility at all times.

We want to establish a trustful long-term relationship with our customers, that is why we believe it is essential to trust you above all. Each client is different from the other; that is why our services are numerous to suit all tastes and types. Your request must comply with the Terms & Conditions of AlpDelivery.ch and the field of Deliveries in Switzerland. Then flexibility is required. So why are not you trying to take the first step?

Professional Delivery

Professionalism and stringency apply to you and us. We love and will to arrange an utterly well-performed service until the end.
Consequently, our delivery services in Switzerland are provided by professional local drivers and employees elected with the utmost care and attention. Your satisfaction is our main aim, and you certainly like to receive an impeccable delivery service, precise in every detail, you like punctuality, and you are right. Our drivers are trained and drive modern and well-equipped vehicles that guarantee safe transportation. Professional delivery in Geneva, Bern, Zurich, or near these cities is particularly suitable if you want delivery to the office, for confidential documents or personal packages. However, this service applies to all customers who want professional service from the beginning to the end for their shipment. Contact Us to receive more information about the delivery’s conditions and our competitive rates.

Special Delivery

This option represents a combination of 2 types of services: the advantages of personalized delivery while being attentive. You wish the recipient to receive the parcel for a special event while being surprised by your gift? Your shipment is addressed to a person that you care the most about? Family, friends, loved ones, or anyone else essential for you? This customized service is your best choice!

You will be offered special rates for your occasion. Celebrate the happiest events while choosing the services of AlpDelivery.ch to make your beloved ones’ moments very special and memorable! Contact Us to place your order, even if it is a delivery to be made on the same day, maximum in 4 hours.

Deliveries in Switzerland are our business, and we want to share it with you. A gift, a happy birthday wishes card, massive package or slight, priority, confidential, among other valuable parcels, all the shipments will be delivered with care by our drivers to its recipient’s hand if required.

What could be more authentic than receiving a package through AlpDelivery.ch? Our team will take great care to find an exclusive and innovative delivery idea based on your wishes and the Terms & Conditions of the company. Delivery in Geneva, delivery in Bern or delivery in Zurich, make your choice and Contact Us now!

Multiple Deliveries

Multiple deliveries in Switzerland, Geneva, Bern, Zurich, or near these cities, are part of the services that we offer. All along with urgent delivery, home delivery or office delivery, with AlpDelivery.ch, you are welcome to combine multiple deliveries in Switzerland at the same time.

Nothing is more comfortable than making your request for parcel deliveries, packages, letters or other goods which match our cargoes list that we agree to deliver. Therefore, you are welcome to visit our Terms & Conditions section and get acquainted with "what do we transport?" and we will be glad to take care of your shipment.

Multiple deliveries also apply with express deliveries, to be delivered on the same day, even close to your home, whether in Bern, Zurich, Geneva or near to these cities. Trust AlpDelivery.ch and its professional team, who is always there for you in every corner that you are located in Switzerland.

Contact Us today, and we will be happy to answer you.