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Our Services

Ever left wondering – how do I get an urgent delivery near me with a reliable company? How do I ensure my packages will arrive on time and in perfect condition?

Look no further! AlpDelivery.ch offers fast, functional, and secure shipping in Switzerland to help you get your packages, letters, or confidential documents to their destination in a flash. We offer speedy and punctual delivery for almost anything. So, whether you want to ship valuables, fresh or frozen food or even your beloved pets, you’ve come to the right place.

We specialise in urgent, efficient, and reliable deliveries across Switzerland and its neighbouring regions. Our professional and friendly drivers also operate throughout Geneva, Zurich, and Bern.

We pride ourselves in our guaranteed safe transport across all same day deliveries and overnight services to ensure your delivery gets there on time, every time.

We recognise that your delivery is important to you, and we don’t feel that you should have to pay over the odds just to feel reassured, so our conscientious and reliable service will get your package where it needs to be on time and for an affordable price.

Being Green
We at AlpDelivery.ch feel it’s important to look after our future and do our bit. All of our deliveries are made in the most modern hybrid or electric express delivery vehicles to help us cut our fuel consumption and protect the environment.

Our Terms
For the safety and security of our drivers we must ask that your shipment corresponds with our shipping rules and regulations. We ask that you check out our Terms & Conditions prior to making a booking to ensure your goods are transportable.

If you require any further information, or assistance retrieving a quote, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and our friendly and experienced customer service team will be happy to help out.

express-delivery-service Express Delivery

Need a package transporting urgently? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. AlpDelivery.ch provides a reliable speedy delivery service right from your door via an eco-friendly delivery service. We’ll deliver it straight into the hands of your recipient in as little as 12 hours.

You can request a same day delivery using our Contact Us form for express shipping within Switzerland or the surrounding areas.

Please ensure you provide all information as accurately as possible to help speed up the process. Unfortunately, we do not take responsibility if the address information is incorrect.

direct-delivery-service Direct Delivery

AlpDelivery.ch is a local company here to help local people and we’re committed to providing excellent service to make your life easier. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make booking and sending express deliveries so simple and efficient. We offer a range of services from same day or next day deliveries to special deliveries with specific packaging or transportation needs.

We specialise in delivering packages to any address throughout Switzerland and the surrounding areas with our punctual, reliable, and professional service that ensures both you and your recipient are 100% happy.

We aim to provide a solution that successfully saves you or your business time and money on your deliveries with our direct, flexible service. Your delivery can be tailored to your specific needs, and we’ll always try our best to accommodate any request or shipping type. We even offer the facility for your recipient to amend delivery times and dates to suit them, so you can be confident that your package will be delivered right into their hands.

Contact Us to arrange your next direct delivery.

courier-service Courier Service

AlpDelivery.ch is a local Swiss company created especially for local people in Switzerland. We have more than 10 years of valuable experience in providing a timely and professional courier service for personal or business-based parcels.

We provide a 24/7 service with multiple shipment options spanning over same day, next day or scheduled delivery windows for packages of any size, any value with any special requirements. Our friendly customer service team are always on hand to provide personalised service with flexible delivery methods to meet the needs of any specialty shipment.

Your satisfaction matters to us, and we endeavor to meet all specialist requirements to get your package to its destination safely and on time, even if this means travelling overnight.

If you’re looking for a reliable service to get your packages there on time, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact Us to arrange your next delivery today!

office-delivery-service Office Delivery

Secure and timely business deliveries are really important to keep your business running at its best. You may need to deliver secure data, payment information or essential office supplies at a moment’s notice.

At AlpDelivery.ch we understand how crucial it is to have a reliable and flexible courier service to get your documents to their destination on time.

You’re just one click away from making one of the best future-proofing decisions for your business. We guarantee the highest confidentiality and security protocols alongside a scheduled delivery window so you’re always ahead of the game.

Our flexible services include:
• Urgent Delivery (within 4 hours)
• Express Delivery (within 12 hours)
• Premium Delivery (within 24 hours)
• Standard Delivery (within 48 hours)

To arrange your next office delivery, please visit our ‘permitted cargoes’ section to ensure your shipment meets our security guidelines.

Contact Us to see how we can help you move forward!

overnight-delivery-service Overnight Delivery

At AlpDelivery.ch we understand that things sometimes just don’t go to plan. A busy day may unearth packages that you need to deliver in a hurry and if your post office is closed, you might be left a little high and dry.

Don’t worry, AlpDelivery.ch offers a reliable, affordable, and flexible solution to your urgent delivery needs without making you jump through hoops. Our experienced drivers are prepared to drive through the night to get your package to its destination on time the next day – no fuss.

Our overnight service is available for any type of package, large or small, confidential, or valuable and we can deliver to any destination throughout Switzerland. Based on your specifications, we can even ensure that we deliver right into the hands of your recipient within a specified time window.

With your precise delivery requirements, we’ll transport your packages using top-of-the-range, eco-friendly vehicles – we like to do our bit!

Our specialist overnight services include:
• Express Delivery (within 12 hours)
• Premium Delivery (within 24 hours)

If your package needs to be delivered swiftly and securely, AlpDelivery.ch has your back. Just Contact Us now to arrange the best priority service for you.

next-or-same-day-delivery-service Same Day Delivery

AlpDelivery.ch operates a skillful team who are at your disposal to provide you with a professional next and same-day delivery service throughout Switzerland. Our years of experience in this field allow us to provide the best quality customer service out there.

Our same day delivery service is available for any parcel, any size, any shape, and we’re on hand 24 hours a day to help you get the best from your deliveries.

We work alongside businesses and individuals to meet their every delivery need to a scheduled time window so you’re always up to date with your correspondence.

We pride ourselves on our unbeaten service standards for affordable prices. Typically, same day delivery would be an expedited service, but it’s AlpDelivery.ch’s bread and butter. We specialise in fast, dependable delivery with no hidden fees.

We offer standarised services across:
• Urgent Delivery (within 4 hours)
• Express Delivery (within 12 hours)
• Premium Delivery (within 24 hours)

However, we’re always happy to discuss your requirements and maintain our flexibility to ensure you get the most from our service.

If you need a parcel delivery service today, Contact Us now!

gift-delivery-service Gift Delivery

One of the most important things about a gift is that it’s delivered on time. Whether you’re planning on sending a spectacular birthday gift or a sentimental anniversary present, you need to ensure it gets there on the right date and in one piece. Enter AlpDelivery.ch!

Our experienced and dedicated team are committed to seeing the smiles on the faces of your recipient when they hand over a beautifully packaged parcel on their special day.

We deliver packages of any shape and size and can provide timed delivery windows so you can be confident that your delivery will arrive on time at your recipient’s convenience and we’re on hand 24/7 to ensure we get your delivery requirements exactly right.

Our top-notch gift delivery service can be purchased to deliver within various timeframes depending on the urgency. We offer:
• Urgent Delivery (within 4 hours)
• Express Delivery (within 12 hours)
• Premium Delivery (within 24 hours)
• Standard Delivery (within 48 hours)

Plan in those special deliveries today! Visit our Contact Us page to receive a free, no obligation quote for gift delivery.

saturday-delivery-service Saturday Delivery

At AlpDelivery.ch we’re dedicated to going that extra mile to get your packages where they need to be, even at the weekend. Our amazing driving team can deliver your parcel on a Saturday if that works for you and your recipient.

Our friendly customer service team are there to help you arrange a secure, reliable delivery for the most affordable price Contact Us form.

To arrange your dream Saturday delivery, use our free of charge online request form for a quick quote.

special-delivery-service Special Delivery

Our priority is making the day special for your recipient. We want to help you celebrate the most special occasions with your loved ones, even from a distance.

We’ll help you arrange the most innovative and exclusive deliveries tailored to your special requirements to ensure your package gets the attention it deserves. We are totally flexible with delivery windows, schedules, and package sizes, so we can deliver any parcel, anywhere in Switzerland.

Use AlpDelivery.ch to deliver a memorable birthday gift or surprise wedding gift. We’re focused on taking care of your parcel from start to finish and providing the extra special moment at the other end.

To understand how we can contribute to this special moment, we recommend that you take a look at our terms and conditions before getting in touch.

Use our Contact Us form to speak to our friendly customer service team and receive a quote for your delivery bonanza!

parcel-package-deliveries Parcel & Package Delivery

AlpDelivery.ch boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience providing a professional parcel and package delivery service throughout Switzerland.

We aim to provide the highest level of customer service and flexibility to ensure your parcel arrives on time at an affordable price. Our fleet of eco-friendly transportation is available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week so we can guarantee to meet your delivery needs, no matter what they are.

We offer a range of scheduled delivery services from same day, next day, weekend or even overnight transportation to meet your desired time window. Your convenience is our priority.

Transporting your package across Switzerland has never been easier. Just get in touch via our Contact Us page to see how we can help you make your next delivery.