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5 Hidden Gems of Switzerland

Sadly, 2020 started with a worldwide epidemic the Covid-19, which caused a shutdown of all leading majors in the world. Besides, it imposed overall global lockdown and here came a long-awaited time of staying at home and doing nothing, but watching TV shows, movies and reading the books from our must-read list. After doing all the things that we dreamed about when we were working 5/7, comes the silence. We started to miss our regular lives: social relations, concerts we had entertained, theatres, cafes, family moments and outdoors with friends. These hard times had affected mostly our travel plans, whether, for business or pleasure due to the current restrictions and shutdowns. Also, the doubts about the future influenced further procedures.

However, staying indoors can boost our imagination and assist us in learning more about the unknown places where we have not been yet to be added to our bucket list when the borders re-open again. Europe is truly a dreamland for travellers from throughout the world with its authentic history, architecture and culture. Unsurprisingly, we will rush into those countries to see the major sites, but wait! What if we are missing out some breath-taking views running after the world's known sites?

Switzerland boasts of its strategic location in the heart of Europe and for being one of the leading prosperous countries. This land has much to offer to its guests starting from exclusive winter activities in the Swiss Alps to summer excursions in the Alpine meadows. As most tourists are rushing to visit the main Swiss cities of Zurich, Geneva and Bern, we will gladly introduce you the hidden gems of Switzerland.


Morat is a small medieval town in the middle of Switzerland. It is not far from the Swiss capital of Bern, between the two metropolises of Switzerland - Zurich and Geneva. The population is about 6.000 people speaking German and French, which gives this town a special rank. Morat is encircled with a wall to resemble it to a protected little village. The whole area of the wall is well-preserved to consider it the exclusive one in Switzerland which one can enjoy a stroll all the way around.

Morat has a particular site for the Swiss nation as here, in front of its walls, the Grandson, Murten (Morat) and Nancy, Bernese, united with other Confederates, defeated the Burgundian army in the 15th century. Although it was not the conclusion of the Burgundian State but was the beginning of the end, which the Swiss people are very proud of.

Morat is reachable easily by a car heading from Bern in around 30 minutes’ ride to relish the spectacular sights of the Old Town.

A promenade on the lakeside of the same name where a vast range of water sports take place, cultural activities among other types of excursions. Besides, Morat is very famous for its outdoor events, like the not to be missed Murten Lights Festival if you appear to be there at the perfect time.


Proudly nestled in the French part of Switzerland, along with the north-western shores of the eponymous lake by the same name.

Neuchâtel is renowned as an alluring medieval waterfront city with a rich history dating back to 13,000 BC. Also, it boasts the delightful old castle that gave its name to the town as well as the lake.

The peaceful environment of this city invites you to have a stroll through its elegant narrow alleys and broad boulevards to be dazzled by the two historical buildings of Gothic style: Neuchâtel Castle and Collegiate Church. Both structures are dating back to the 12th century, to be recognized as the landmarks of the city.

Neuchâtel has three funicular railways connect different parts: from the lake to the station, from the Old Town to Le Plan and the La Coudre to Chaumont stretch. Therefore, Chaumont Panoramic Funicular is your choice to admire the natural unfolding vistas.

The fabulous Swiss destination is suitable for solo travellers, family member or group of friends thanks to the magical location, which possesses an incredible array of breath-taking and various landscapes. Neuchâtel Lake and the reachable mountains are perfect for outdoor activities in a delightful setting.

The scuba divers have their part of the interest here as well, entertaining exploration under the water of Neuchâtel Lake to witness the submerged prehistoric pile-dwelling sites which are listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Thun is another spectacular Swiss town on the foot of the Alps, nestled between the famous touristic destination of Interlaken and the capital of Switzerland - Bern. It is your portal to the Bernese Oberland region.

A private day trip in a comfortable car can be easily arranged, departing from Bern or any other Swiss city to this world of delicate.

Many beautiful things to do and to see in Thun are guaranteed from the natural views to the historical sights. The best start is a stroll through the historic Old Town located along the Aare river, featured with cobblestone streets, and well-preserved old buildings.

The middle of the Old Town is characterized by Thun Castle and the church (Stadkirche Thun).

Another feature about Thun is the rare opportunity of surfing on the fast-flowing water side of the Aare river.

Thanks to the flourish wooden locks which were designed to regulate the flow of the Aare.

At the end of the exploration, one can sit and relax at any of the numerous cafes or restaurants along the Aare River. Otherwise, you can conclude it with a boat trip to admire Thun’s beautiful natural surroundings.


Solothurn is a charming town on the banks of Aare river. It is located close to the French border to spoils its visitors with the unique culture combination of Italian, French and German styles.

The impressive Baroque and Renaissance buildings, as well as many religious centres, distinguish this car-free old town. Besides, it is a great place to wander and enjoy the magnificent views. Solothurn is well-known with the idyllic Baroque architecture to consider it among the most excellent examples in Switzerland.

An exciting thing to memorise about Solothurn is number eleven. As within the Old City, you will find eleven chapels and churches, eleven historical fountains and towers. However, the most wondering piece is the clock with only eleven hours on it. The secret behind this number is that Solothurn was the eleventh canton to join the Swiss Confederation.

The masterpiece here is the St. Ursus Cathedral, which is the main hallmark and tourist attraction in Solothurn that took eleven years to be built.

Other than that, there is plenty of most elegant riverfront cafes to visit in order to try the mouthwatering sweet - Solothurner Torte. Or maybe a tasty beer at Öufi beer, meaning 11 in the local dialect.


Kandersteg - the pure natural village is nestled in the heart of Swiss Alps, in the Bernese Oberland region. Impressing its guests with its magnificent mountain scenery and majestic Alpine meadows.

Nowadays Kandersteg suggests its visitors a variety of activities all year round. From hiking and mountain climbing to downhill and cross-country skiing.

The village is a real paradise for skiers during winter months because of the extensive ski pistes, with indoor and outdoor ice rinks.

In summer, it becomes an absolute wonderland for hikers as well by offering walking paths for hundreds of kilometres.

Taking the gondola lift from Kandersteg, you will rise to a true wonderland, picturesque views, green lands and about half an hour middle level of hiking to reach the Lake Oeschinen.

Moreover, here is an exciting toboggan run the Alpine Slide by the mountain station, proposing further enjoyment following the refreshing trip to the mountain lake.

All of us are looking forward to coming out of the current unpleasant circumstances to relish the joy of travelling abroad again.

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