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Top 5 Reasons for Choosing AlpDelivery.ch Courier Services

Have you ever used a delivery service for your shipment through postal offices and after a week of follow-up you were still doubtful where it ended up?

It is not far that your shipment tends to get lost in the mess of numerous parcels. Besides, the waste of your time and getting nervous while trying to reach them to clarify about your delivery.

Whether you have a personal shipment or your company requires a parcel delivery, there are many benefits of using AlpDelivery.ch’s services.

The main aim of AlpDelivery.ch is customers' satisfaction. Therefore, we became experts in the duty of express delivery in Switzerland based on speed, reliability, affordable, privacy and qualified services.

These five rules make us the best and smart choice for your delivery needs.

1. Speed and on Same-Day Deliveries

AlpDelivery.ch offers several options that you are welcome to choose between 4h, 12h, 24h or 48hours for your shipment to be delivered.

As a local delivery company in Switzerland, we can save crucial time by offering same-day delivery services, which means that a faster delivery for your parcel and an extra layer of safety when it's not sitting in a warehouse for days.

2. Reliable Services

When you want to trust your parcel to a local Swiss company from the beginning with a private pick-up to the end when it will be delivered in safe and directly to the recipient's hands, your choice is AlpDelivery.ch.

In addition to many further features like delivery within a maximum of 4 hours, GPS tracking to give you a stronger sense of security knowing where your package is every step of the way.

3. Affordable Rates

AlpDelivery.ch services offer more affordable rates compared to larger companies with standardized prices. Since we operate at a smaller and private scale, we are more flexible and work to provide a customized price point that fits your delivery needs.

4. Private Deliveries

When you book your cargo delivery with AlpDelivery.ch, you have warranted a private and personalized service. Working at a local level allows for a more personalized approach and closer communication. Moreover, you are guaranteeing a particular delivery service in hand just for your shipment to be there when you need it, giving you the extra time and attention you deserve.

5. Highly-Qualified Services

Accuracy, high-quality, year-round availability, skilful drivers, well-equipped and hybrid vehicles which facilitates our operated deliveries! Choose AlpDelivery.ch to make your delivery quicker right at the desired time and destination: between Bern, Zurich, Basel and Geneva.

Make the right decision to save your time and not only by choosing AlpDelivery.ch's services.

Count on us, and you won't regret, we guarantee all the means that your package will be delivered on time.

Our specialists are always at your disposal to take care of your shipment when you need it most. To secure the lowest rates for parcel delivery in Switzerland, call us at +41 58 580 0776 or click here today!

We are at your disposal if you need any of the following delivery services:

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